Good Morning Harakiri

by Dwellers

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Good Morning Harakiri via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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While not necessarily a heavy metal act, Dwellers' music could still be categorized as "dark". Therefore, the band has been invited to share the stage with blues, rock, folk, and black metal bands alike. Dwellers has a love for raw, visceral emotion. Visions are conjured while in the process of aural creation. The band imposed upon themselves their very own genre - "Gut Rock" - as a way to continually remind themselves never to allow indecision to impede creativity. What we feel is what you get. No edits. Others have described Dwellers as "Southwestern Americana Gothic". This last description is most likely due to the self-recorded, self-released EP, "Peace, and Other Horrors". This EP was released for free on Bandcamp, while the band was simulataneaously busy recording their full-length rock record for Small Stone Recordings, titled "Good Morning Harakiri". "Peace…" contains 4 tracks of swampy, acoustic slide guitar, a leaky bath tub faucet, ethereal howls, and bowed cymbals. One blog reviewer compared the EP to 'latter day Earth, and Dege Legg's swampy ghost songs'. This impromptu EP is merely a path that Dwellers found themselves wandering down. If one attempted to define the band based on this EP alone, one would be surprised by what is discovered in their latest material. "Good Morning Harakiri" continues the journey from "Peace and Other Horrors", but weaves that vibe into the threads of a structured rock record.

Dwellers' live performances combine the sparse, expansive soundscapes of the Southwestern deserts with raw power conjured from the ghosts of rock n' roll's past.


released March 13, 2012

Joey Toscano (vocals, guitar, slide, ebow), Dave Jones (bass), Zach Hatsis (drums, vibraphone, bows)



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Dwellers Salt Lake City, Utah

Atmospheric rock and roll with disciplines in the heavy, bluesy psychedelic, and magickal arts. Purveyors of the slow burn.

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Track Name: Ode to Inversion Layer
Ode to Inversion Layer - O Sweet Grey!; O shroud! My friend! You are in my lung, and one with my skin. And although the sun has abandoned me, you still greet me in the morning. Now I have come to embrace you - my dark synthetic muse. Leave your valley in secrecy. Liberation into blue. I alone. No, I am not here. I am dust and bones. No I am not here. I am dust and bones. O shadow! O cloud of no end! Thy Winter soup in this plague of man. My love so hollow turned blind by sky. With you alone, leave my breath behind.
Track Name: Blackbird
Black Bird - I don’t have use for this head no more. You can bury it now. Dig a hole so deep, when the dogs start digging, it’ll never be found. Black bird, why you always picking on me? Please sir, what are you trying to say? Black bird, why you always picking on me? Please sir, won’t you fly away? Got no use for these eyes no more. They see what I’ve done wrong. Give 'em to someone who sees the beauty, in a life that once was.
Track Name: Secret Revival
Secret Revival - We will feed from the heart, glowing children of sun. We will pray for the moon, to light the path from harm. We will learn how to cross this river to get home. We will live there in secret, hidden from the cold. Oh rain, stay. Oh rain, stay. I’ve been lied to by the clouds of rain. So weighed down, by the truth in pain. We will read from the word, glowing children of sun. We will beg for the wind, to carry us from harm. There will be crowds that gather to drain this hallowed ground. Old world, dream gone, silence, unbroken sound.
Track Name: Vultures
Vultures - When my bones start burning me, got a fire that’s penance for evil deeds. Fever dreams reminding me: this is not what I mean to be. Claim you know the way, light your fire and pass on through. Pray those vultures in the sky are not for you. I have looked inside and seen the damage that’s been done. There is no turning back my love. Ride this train until the wheels come off. Spin around in circles my friend. Because I don’t know when I’ll be seeing you again. Purple magic caress. Climb your way back in. It’s a long time to this deserted, high wing. Oh, sacred Serene; bring out your sweet haze. Third eye soon will form. Let them right in, come on. My dream with no end. I look for you behind the white fence. Lay down, let me in. Look for you on the pillow of wind.
Track Name: Lightening Ritual
Lightening Ritual - A life strange. Bright and calm. Lifeline is gone. Two birds, one stone. Thank you for the call. Already invited in, these blues for a ritual dance. This house, lightening, core. Life bit lightening hand. Led through all these lines, too long. I’m already gone. Waiting for that train to blow our leaving song. Release the burden. Lighten mind.
Track Name: Old Honey
Old Honey - My dizzy head weaves you in. Where two old friends can meet again. These homemade wings, you sure they’ll catch the wind? Close your eyes, give in. Up higher you wish we were. Hollow bones and feather. We’ll rest a while to recreate the sun. Old magic uncovered. What we were in this place. Melting. Gone. Wet feet, frozen arm. Touching me, holding light, cup of sun. Old honey, candy song. We hope this survives. High on faith, sweet inside. Cowering, bathed in desire. My words, swollen and ripe. Evaporate. Escape.